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Best Social Media Marketing Goals To Target

Best Social Media Marketing Goals To Target

January 25th, 2021

By: KobraGold Creative Content Team

Best Social Media Marketing Goals To Target

You may use a platform to accomplish many goals, but there is most likely one goal that you both have invested in and have consistently seen a great return on that investment.

social media marketing goals to focus on::

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation & Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Community Engagement

Best Social Media Goals To Target

Instagram & Facebook

Instagram and Facebook were the first two platforms we selected for the polls. Given the immense user-base of both platforms, plus the diversity of interests and communities found on each, it's not a huge shock that brand awareness took the lead in both of these polls.

Instagram Poll

For Instagram, brand awareness took the lead with 39% of participants claiming this to be their primary goal on the platform. This could be an indicator that Instagram is a great place to launch a new brand on social and get noticed.

Facebook Poll

Once again, brand awareness took the lead on Facebook with 30% of the majority vote. Next, with 26% of the vote came generation and sales. Following close after with 24% was community engagement.

best social media marketing goals to target Facebook

Reddit, Twitch and Quora

Other than the major social media platforms, is your brand active on any of the smaller niche social media platforms? (Ex: Reddit, Twitch, Quota)

best social media marketing goals to target

 Other than the major social media platforms, which of these smaller, niche social media platforms does your brand actively use? 


Not a huge shock to see Reddit come out on top here. Reddit isn't "small" by any means, but if you compare their 430 million users to Facebook's 2.7 billion, you can understand why we would categorize it as such.

With user numbers in the billions, you can always find your audience on Facebook, Instagram and other major social media platforms. But despite it's lower user count, Reddit has one unique benefit: highly-engaged established communities. There are 430M users with over 130K interest-based communities. People go to Reddit to explore and join conversations on topics that interest them.

On Reddit's advertising page, it say, "Where passionate communities drive action." If your target audience has a unique interest, it could be beneficial to explore Reddit and see if there are already-active niche-communities that fit your audience description. Within the community, your brand can organically initiate and join in conversations. You can also pay to get ads in front of your audience, or just use the space to explore and find content inspiration.

Quora is similar to Reddit in that it's all about conversation, but different in that there is less of an emphasis on community. The platform serves as a space for people to ask questions and get answers.

Of the three platforms, Quora is probably the best space for your classic B2B brands.

It's also not a huge surprise that these two polls shared similar results with brand awareness leading and customer service coming in last. Many marketers link their Instagram and Facebook accounts, adjusting their approach slightly for each, but there is still a connection between the two.
We will continue to run polls to learn more about social media marketing behavior in our community.

best social media marketing goals to target


Like all social platforms, LinkedIn saw increased usage in 2020, with video content, in particular, gaining momentum, and driving more conversations in the app. And while the focus of LinkedIn has long been B2B, it's also gaining ground in other areas, which could provide more opportunity for brand outreach and connection in the months ahead. More on this in our next article.  

3) & Finally

While social media is a free medium to promote your business, it does require some time to set-up for effective use. The good news is that once set-up, feedback will begin rolling in in real time, so make sure to take the time to get your profiles set-up for success.

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