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Effective Email Marketing Strategy For your Business

Effective Email Marketing Strategy For your Business

January 21st, 2021

By: KobraGold Creative Content Team

Effective Email Marketing Strategy For your Business

Effective Email Marketing For Your Business


















Here at KobraGold Media, we've made it easy for you to connect your contact form on your website to your existing Constant Contact and/or MailChimp accounts. If you don't have an email marketing account, don't worry, it's quick and easy to sign-up for either of them. To celebrate the new integration with your website and platform, we've pulled together an email marketing strategy of best practices for effective email marketing.

How often should you be emailing your list to strike that perfect balance between relationship building and revenue generation? This is a very common question with many different theories. We like to take a 7-day approach outlined below:

  • Day 1: Send something fun that showcases your personality and endears your leads. Your goal with this email is to engage with the "low hanging fruit" who are genuinely interested and engaged with your business. Tip: Tell a story about yourself and/or your brand so that readers feel more connected to your business.

  • Day 2: Make a direct promotion. In this email, you'll want to state the problem, offer a solution, and highlight the benefit of that person or business will see by working with you. Tip: State the problem in your email subject line. For example: "How to Turn Your Social Media Strategy into Sales"

  • Day 3: Provide content to your prospects for free. The content you want to send to your prospects should be related to your business. Lucky for you, we have some marketing materials for you to use such as Facebook Best Practices, Twitter Best Practices, and more!

  • Day 4: Take a break! Why? Your email list is probably ready for it. If you email them every day, they will burn out quickly. Also, just because you sent an email on one day, they may not open it on the same day. This gives you the opportunity to examine the progress of your email campaign, and the opportunity for your subscribers to catch up.

  • Day 5 & Day 6: Get Creative and mix it up! If things are going well, you may consider sending subscribers more content. You may also decide to do a recap of what you've already been talking about. If things are not going so well (not engaging), try shifting the message. Tip: Consider offering a flash offer. (You'd rather make a sale at a discounted rate than no sale at all, right?) Just make sure it's available for a limited time so that your prospects seal the value and feel a sense of urgency to get started.

  • Day 7: Take the day off. Give yourself the opportunity to rest and reset. 

By following this 7-day email marketing strategy, you'll be able to segment out the prospects who are most interested in your business, and those who are less interested. From there, you can work to close the deal with those who are most interested, and re-focus your offer to those who are less interested. When it comes to email marketing, be true to yourself. Focus on identifying the needs of your prospects and offering tools and solutions. You'll find that the more helpful you are to your prospects, the more you'll be rewarded with sales.

Drop us a line today and we’ll let you know how we think email marketing and social media marketing could work for you.

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