Social Networking A New Way For Businesses During Pandemic

December 21st, 2020

By: KobraGold Creative Content Team

Social Networking A New Way For Businesses During Pandemic


Social networking a new way for businesses to build relations during pandemic

Grow your business despite Covid Dec21, 2020

a study regarding business and their use of social networks to maintain relations. Raj Agnihotri, dean’s fellow in marketing in the Ivy College of Business, and Patricia Daugherty, Debbie and Jerry Ivy Chair in Business, worked together to conduct this study, which focuses on social media benefits for business.

“We were trying to explore how this digital push that was coming towards us in the last couple of years, how it was going to change the way businesses operate, how supply chains work, how sales people work, how organizational front lines are ready to adopt and use this whole social media as well as other digital setting platforms,” Agnihotri said. “For this particular study we picked up three specific social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.”

“I think one of the things we wanna learn is how social media yields benefits,” Agnihotri said. “Not many studies are out there that establish that social media has a use or doesn’t have any use. So, when you take on research, any finding is a good finding."

“The buyer-seller relationship, that’s everything,” Daugherty said. "Can you trust them, will they give you information when you need it?”. “They've grown up with this instant information availability,” Daugherty said. “They expect that immediate information and they want lots of attention, and this is a really good way to give them that information and attention they need.”

“They were some interesting findings,” Agnihotri said. “Social media use, even though it is happening at an individual level, we found that what organizations can do is create a climate of innovation. These things don’t yield results immediately. When it comes to relationships with customers, it takes time to build that trust. Organizations have to have an innovation climate to see that connection working.”

“Very easily, you can lose track,” Agnihotri said. “Go into your Facebook to write a few things about your brand and then you just scroll and there you go, two hours gone. So having those time management skills was very critical.” “Going forward, I think this is the way," Agnihotri said. "Even if the pandemic goes away, I think a lot of things will stay. The use of social media, building social capital, I think these are the things that will stay.”

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