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Staying Motivated For The Self-Employed

Staying Motivated For The Self-Employed

January 21st, 2021

By: KobraGold Creative Content Team

Staying Motivated For The Self-Employed

Staying Motivated For The Self Employed Working for oneself is an exciting prospect for most, but like any other job, it comes with it's set of challenges. Often times, sole proprietors begin with a bang but begin to lose focus or motivation as time goes on. We thought it would be beneficial to our followers, and anyone who works for themselves or in small groups, to outline some helpful tips to stay motivated, energetic, and productive. 

1) Even if you're not in an office environment, act like you are

Yes, one of the nice things about working for yourself is that ultimately, you are the boss. You decide when to start and end your day, what tasks to take on, what you're going to wear, and so on. While this is a freeing concept, make sure that you're treating your business with the respect that it deserves. Think about some of the structural aspects of an office setting and apply them to your business. Everything from getting up early to getting dressed, taking lunch to finishing up at certain time will help to keep you focused and motivated. Getting into the cycle of what a more traditional job requires will get you into a routine that encourages productivity. 

2) Make a schedule

This may seem obvious, but laying out a schedule for yourself provides structure. If you're not ready to schedule out each day, try starting with the upcoming week or even month. This is particularly important for those who tend to procrastinate (you know who you are). With a schedule, you'll know what tasks you want to get done at what time and will help you to keep yourself accountable.

3) Set goals

Humans have a natural disposition toward demonstrating ability in achievement situations. Do yourself and your business a favor and set goals for yourself. With clear goals laid out, you will help yourself stay motivated to achieve those goals. Goals of all sizes are important: Small daily goals, moderate weekly goals, larger monthly goals, lofty annual goals. Your daily goals should help you achieve your weekly goals, which should help you achieve your monthly goals, and so on.

4) Reward yourself

To help hold yourself accountable to your schedule working toward your goals, reward yourself after you've made some progress. Simple rewards like finishing a task before taking lunch will help you work toward completing your daily goals. If you have a distraction that tempts you throughout the day like something on TV or just some fresh air, turn those distractions into rewards for your work. When you reward yourself, you'll stay motivated while taking a positive approach to how you work.

5) Take action

Stop thinking and start doing! Once you've made a schedule and set goals for yourself, it's time to execute. If you overthink what you should be doing then you'll only end up procrastinating. The worst thing that can happen when you start doing is the possibility of failure, and you know what they say... "Failure is the seed of growth and success." Allow yourself to have these learning opportunities. They will only further help you to achieve the goals that you've laid out for yourself. The more you learn about the processes you take, the easier they will become and the more effective you will become at working through them. 

Being your own boss can be a daunting task only if you allow it to be. When you walk the walk, make a schedule for yourself, set goals, allow yourself to earn rewards, and act on your goals, you'll be a more productive and happy entrepreneur.

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