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Ways to Find New Leads and Customers Online

Ways to Find New Leads and Customers Online

January 23rd, 2021

By: KobraGold Creative Content Team

Ways to Find New Leads and Customers Online

Ways To Find New Leads And Customers Online KobraGold

KobraGold Media provides cutting edge social media and online reputation software, sales and marketing training and materials, and unique deals, sweepstakes, and social ordering tools. Even with all of these assets, we are still asked for suggestions on how to find new leads and customers online.

First things first, If you’re a KobraGold Media customer and haven’t tried it yet, give it a whirl and see what you think. We pull in data directly from Facebook to provide you with a comprehensive list of business names, links to their Facebook page, their phone number, address, website link, whether or not they’ve claimed their Facebook page, and how many likes, checkins, and posts they’ve made in the last month. This amazing feature will shave hours of time off of your prospecting efforts.


Now on to some other effective tactics for finding new leads and customers online:

Social Media

So you have your social media accounts set-up and optimized and are posting regularly. But did you know that there are other ways to unlock the full potential of your social media strategy?


  1. Private messaging Just like you would talk one-on-one with prospects at various networking events, there’s huge value in the same type of exchanges online. Reach out to your Facebook, Twitter, and other fans and followers via private message and offer personalized consultations or custom promotions.

  2. Groups and Communities Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ all have their own versions of public and private forums and communities. Join the ones that relate to your business and start building relationships with their members.

  3. Pay Per Click Advertising All of the major social networks offer advertising opportunities. Facebook in particular offers very effective, targeted, and inexpensive advertising solutions and, you can target your ads to any demographic you decide. Just think: “Who could benefit from my services?” and target those folks.


Blogging is a valuable tool that is often over-looked but ultimately helps businesses to connect and engage with more prospective and current customers. Starting and maintaining a blog will prove it’s worth in many ways in little time at all. 

Content for Emails

We recently wrote about how to create an effective email marketing strategy, but how do you actually encourage leads to sign-up for your email list? One tried and true method is to offer valuable promotions and/or information in exchange for an opt in. Think about leveraging those deals, sweepstakes, and social ordering tools that are included in your plan with us. They require the user to enter their email address to complete the process. You can even put a little bit of that Facebook advertising budget toward promoting your custom deal, sweepstake, or pricing promotion.

These are just a few easy-to-launch ideas to work off of. Have others? Let us know about them! And as always, check back for more ideas on best practices for your social media and online reputation business.

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